History of the KJ7 Education Foundation


History of the KJ7 Education FoundationThe development process for the Foundation began in February of 2012, when the Planning Committee started to seek input from the community about the existing needs, potential benefits and overall viability of the project. After determining that ample support would be available, the committee began initial development planning. Committee members spent a year gathering ideas and researching applicable regulations, legal requirements and operational guidelines, with the advice of a professional consultant who has expertise in this specific area. As part of this process, they conducted a thorough analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats pertaining to the project. Armed with the promising results of these investigations, the committee embarked on the process of drawing up the necessary foundation documents, and submitting them for approval as required. All of these efforts met with success, and thanks to the dedication of planning committee members, district and school administrators, teachers and staff, parents and other concerned community members, all of the requirements were completed to establish a non-profit education foundation for our school district. The Kendrick, Juliaetta and 7 Ridges Education Foundation is an organization created by and for our community, with the sole purpose of enhancing the educational opportunities available to our local youth. We believe that it will fulfill a vital role in providing a conduit for much needed financial and moral support that can significantly improve the quality of every student’s school experience.