Benscoter Lyle Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded every year to support the post-secondary educational goals of students graduating from Kendrick High School. 

The Benscoter Lyle Scholarships are funded through a generous endowment gift to the Foundation from Richard and Vicky Benscoter, who believe that quality of life and ability to achieve life goals are rooted in education. Four generations of the Benscoter family were born and raised and worked their farms on American Ridge, so their own roots are deep in the community, and they are committed to ensuring its future. The scholarship fund also honors the memory of family members William and Dorothy Lyle.

In an endowment gift, the amount donated is invested to generate earnings, so the original donation is never spent. It continues to earn dividends that can be used to pay for programs or activities, and in the case of the Benscoter Lyle fund, the endowment will ensure that scholarships will be available to every senior graduating from Kendrick High School, for as long as the Foundation exists. This is such an important benefit for the youth in our community, and it inspires us in our work to build and expand the scope and range of Foundation activities, with the support of other community members and school alumni.


Benscoter Lyle Scholarship Guidelines & Application