The Foundation Board is mindful that many community members will have questions about how the organization operates, and how donations will be used. We feel it is crucial that operations remain transparent to all interested parties, and we welcome inquiries on any subject that needs further clarification. The following questions and responses cover areas that may be of general interest.

What is the basic function of the Foundation?
The Foundation’s purpose is to attract, hold and distribute private gifts of cash, securities and property donated for the exclusive benefit of the students of the Kendrick Joint School District.

How is the Foundation funded?
The Foundation is funded through contributions offered by parents and other community members, school alumni, local businesses and their employees, and other individuals or groups who are committed to maintaining the quality of public education in our district. Funding may also be sought from corporate entities and granting organizations, and additional income is generated through interest earned on investments.

This is a community effort, and every contribution helps, no matter the size. The Foundation welcomes and recognizes the value of every dollar donated by people and organizations concerned with preserving and enhancing the quality of education in our public schools.

Is my contribution tax deductible?
The Foundation is designated by the US Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, and most donations are eligible for tax deduction. We suggest that you consult your tax advisor regarding specific regulations affecting your tax status.

A receipt for each contribution will be mailed to the donor.

Will my donation be publicly recognized, or can it be anonymous?
All monetary donations to the Foundation will be recognized in an annual publication, unless the donor specifies a desire to remain anonymous. Please be sure to notify the Foundation if you would prefer your donation to be anonymous.

Can I be assured that the Foundation will manage donations responsibly, and will not risk funds through ill-advised investments?
As a non-profit corporation chartered by the State of Idaho, the Foundation is subject to official State guidelines that govern fundraising activities. Because the corporation is granted exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue code, it is also subject to Federal rules and requirements for reporting annual distributions, jeopardy investments, conflicts of interest , restricted funds, etc.

The Foundation Board has vetted and hired a professional third-party financial manager with extensive foundation and public fund investment management experience. With the assistance of the Fund Manager, the Board has established a conservative investment management policy that is consistent with other public fund foundations. The Board reviews quarterly investment performance in consultation with the Fund Manager.

Who decides which programs will be supported, and may I designate my gift for a specific purpose?
As the Foundation is in its infancy and policy development is ongoing, the Board has given painstaking consideration to the manner in which funds will be allocated. We need to ensure that the most pressing educational needs are addressed, and we must also provide for the Foundation’s long-term viability through careful financial management. However, we appreciate that some donors may want to direct their gifts toward a particular program or department, and we also want to make that option available. We have therefore decided to offer two donation formats as described below.

Donation formats:

Unrestricted: All unrestricted donations will be allowed by the Board to programs designated for support by the Foundation, based on careful consideration of current needs, in consultation with district and school administrators, faculty and staff.

Restricted: Donations of $1,000.00 or more can be earmarked by the donor for a specific use, such as funding for a certain program or department. Donors who are interested in offering a restricted donation are asked to contact the Foundation to discuss the details of their gift.

Note: The School Board has the right to accept or reject any allocation of funds from the Foundation.

The Foundation Board appreciates that many donors may wish to designate funds toward a specific program; however, the management of individual donations requires substantial administrative work, and the Foundation is an all-volunteer organization. That is why we have been obliged to set a limit of $1,000.00 for donations to be designated for a specific purpose. We hope donors will understand that our primary concern is to identify the most pressing needs of local students, and allocate funds to address those needs.

Our long-term goal is to generate a substantial endowment that will produce interest adequate to fund student scholarships. Until the endowment is large enough to allow for interest distributions, we plan to draw on unrestricted donations to fund a small number of student scholarships.

Will Foundation fundraising reduce taxpayers’ obligation to the schools?
The Foundation’s mission is to supplement, augment and complement the basic school program by providing new educational opportunities that would not otherwise be available, except through private resources. Foundation grants will not affect the amount of educational funding provided through taxation.

Is the Foundation affiliated with or part of the school district?
The Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit organization governed by its own Board of Directors, whose members represent a cross-section of the community. While the Foundation’s sole purpose is to support the educational mission of Kendrick Joint School District #283, it is not affiliated with or part of the district organization.

The District Superintendent sits as a permanent Ex-Officio Board Member. However, most of the trustees are not directly connected with the school district in any official capacity. They are local citizens committed to the betterment of public education.

Which schools benefit from the Foundation?
• Juliaetta Elementary School

• Kendrick Junior High School
• Kendrick Senior High School

Do other area school districts have education foundations?
School districts throughout the county have established non-profit foundations to support excellence in public education. In our local area, the districts of Troy, Genesee and Lewiston all have their own education foundations.

How did the Foundation get its name?
“The Kendrick Juliaetta & 7 Ridges Education Foundation” sounds impressive but a little unwieldy, and you may be curious about our considerations in choosing a name for the organization.

The Kendrick Joint School District #283 encompasses a large geographical area, so we felt it was important to include the two major townships of Kendrick and Juliaetta in the Foundation’s name, and also to honor the surrounding ridges, whose student populations now attend the district schools. At one time these areas were served by one-room school houses or community schools, such as Cameron, Leland, Southwick, etc.

We feel that the KJ7 area functions as one community in many respects beyond the purely official, and while we know we have created a name that is quite a mouthful, we expect that community members will come to use and recognize an abbreviation such as “KJ7 Education Foundation,” or whatever seems most natural. We want you to know that this organization was created for you and for our whole community, but especially for our local youth.